Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easy every day toning workout for Buns and Thighs

These are easy and simple toning exercises for the buns and thighs, that are especially easy on beginners, older or those who suffer most back pain issues. Yet still great for those who are already working out or don't carry much extra weight.
Few of them can be done doing the dishes or some other work. As long as you make every effort to keep your body lined up straight as possible while doing them. When possible, try to do them without holding/supporting yourself on anything. If you need to, try to improve this by maybe only using fingertips for balance/stability as needed. Gradually improving to no support. Nothing wrong with using the support and it won't effect the muscles your working on. What it will improve is more of the core muscle strength. Either way you do them, if you tighten the ABS/stomach muscles while doing all of these exercises will improve the quality of the exercise and improve your core strength.

I prefer to do these four 10-15 times each set. Starting with at least 2 set on each leg. Then you can increase the sets as you improve and/or add ankle weights that wrap around your ankle. Other option is elastic exercise bands can be used, but I find them a little harder to keep good form. Some may not find it so difficult.
These four can also be done laying down on back, stomach and sides.

These four, should be done using a time counting method. If possible start with doing 10 of each, holding each 4-10 secs to start with. Relax/rest the muscle 4-10 secs between each one and repeat. As you improve, increase the holding times.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Comfort Zone

Think most of us hate being deceived, lied to, used, taken advantage of and more.
For me it just takes another piece of me. Another wound to my spirit.
Worst is those closest to you. Family, friends and such. 
For so long, I excepted this reality about trust. Kept myself well protected.
Maybe not the healthiest way to live a life without trust, but so much easier and less painful.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Actual tears flowing from my eyes have always been
an extremely rare thing for me.
As a child... Tears did happen, but not tolerate.
As an adult... Tears only managed to break through naturally
(I guess you would call it), from the loss of someone I cared about.

But something had me recall the few times in the shower,
lost under the downpour of water.

Monday, December 23, 2013

One of my favorite spanking scenarios.

One of my favorite spanking scenarios is being spanked before bed time. Two I like the most is...

The usual norm is being sent off to get ready for bed by Daddy and having to return to him with the implement I will be punished with.

Another being sent off to get ready for bed and having to either wait for Daddy standing in the corner or sitting on the edge of the my bed. Nervously waiting for the sounds of Daddy's footsteps in anticipation of my spanking. The physical and emotional release before bed to me seems to be a big part of it.

Not my favorite pajamas, but I have always loved footie pajamas growing up when I wore any at all and still do.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tears are normal for most people but not for me.

I wish I could cry at times. Just to let or get out the stress or tension I guess, but I'm probably better off not being able to.
It's ok to be tough. Even with braided pigtails while sleeping with a 4' sock monkey.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Miss so many things right now about being with Daddy.

What i wouldn't give right now to be on my knees at His feet, waiting permission to please Him.
Then at some point He reminds me that i better do a good job or my already spanked bare bottom will be spanked again. With my mouth quite full, the words "Yes Daddy, i will" are barely recognizable.
Hoping no matter how well i do, He finds a reason to spank me all over again.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RANT!!!! About Identity deception on sites by using pics of someone else.

    Technically no one has a right to use someone else's pics, but we all have done it. Yet most of us are just posting pics/images of something we like in regards to these pics. Thing is... Too often people (both males and females) are finding and using pics online as themselves. Usually pics from Teens/Girls/Sluts/Porn sites mostly. Quite surprised how many others, especially guys haven't figured these people out. I have really had to try hard to keep my mouth shut, otherwise it would be nearly a weekly thing. And now I find the one that has me most PO'd about. No clue right now if it a male or female using a girl's pics from a FaceBook account. Which include several pics of her with boyfriend and also her with other friends. Come on people... If you don't have enough respect for yourself... Have a little respect for both the people who's pics you are using and for the people you are deceiving by pretending the pics are of you.