Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeling needy for Daddy

I struggle a lot with my own feelings of being weak. As much as I know too well how much I need my Daddy. I truly hate feeling needy for his attention at times. When I see remarks by others on sites regarding per say, being needy/wanting attention from their Daddy or Dom. Even pouting or acting bratty about it. Find some remarks rather disrespectful and I try very hard not to be like that by fighting harder not to feel so needy.

Recently I was injured that has affected a great part of my life. Know this is only temporary, but still changes being able to do some everyday things, I normally have no difficulty doing. This may be part of why I’m feeling so needy right now.  Trying very hard not to allow this injury to affect my attitude, but it has.

Can’t say the need for some real discipline issues isn’t out there, but think maybe some discipline for simply my attitude is some of my needy feelings. Going over Daddy’s knee for a long hard spanking, in the way he knows will have me kicking and pleading. Yet he won’t stop until either I’m already crying or he knows it is enough. Then most likely once I’m curled up on his lap, I will bury my face in his chest and cry.

The need for the strength of his Dominance and the safety of his lap, with his arms wrapped tight around me is so difficult to ignore. Some may not understand this part, but wanting to please him. Then when he is satisfied, cuddled close to him, be able to pacify myself with him in my mouth as I rest my head on his thigh.

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