Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Wake Up" Short story inspired by Daddy's email this morning.

You wake up with a hard cock and know that i am curled up under the covers by your legs. You pull the covers back to see how close my lips are to your swollen manhood. You consider a hard smack across my cheek, causing a startled awaking to both my mouth and my mind, but your decision of a softer approach will have a much more devious outcome.

You grin at how easy my lips open and take in your hard cock after only a couple swipes across my lips. Gentle sucking naturally takes place and as i become more awake to what i am doing, i look up at You. When my eyes meet yours, my body uncontrollably spasms with pleasure and is impossible to deny the naughty obvious. Ashamed, i quickly look away in hopes that You won't acknowledge it. You find it amusing how easy it is to predict such reactions from me and use them to satisfy your own pleasures. Your tone is stern sounding as the words cross your lips. Shame on you for being so naughty! Your hand takes a firm grip to my hair and as You continue to scold me, You push me deep onto your cock. I didn't hear you ask to suck my cock, so now I will fuck your naughty mouth hard and I better not find that you are enjoying it! Unable to see your face covered with an evil grin as You down hard on my head again, causing me to gag at the same time my body again displays the obvious signs of pleasure from your words. You don't allow me to take any control of the movement needed to give You pleasure. You ignore my gasps for air and continue forcing my face deep into your groin as You want and as fast or slow as You find necessary to satisfy your pleasure. As the feeling of pleasure become closer, You pull back hard on my hair, holding it tight against the surface of the bed. You take no concern of my mouth covered in drool and open gasping for a breath, as your cum explodes from You onto my face.

Unable to move from your tight grip on my hair, i wait for your direction. Fearing the obvious, i restrain from allowing my own hand to discover my body's deceiving pleasure. Again your grip tightens as You scold. you are such a mess girl, clean up that mess you made on your face. As You hand me a small cloth and then get up from the bed. Before i am finished wiping off my face, You have the covers off of me and order me to spread my legs wide. Without hesitation i obey by moving each leg one at a time, exposing my swollen wet pussy easily visible to You. Hmmmmm, What a naughty girl, a very naughty girl! Muffled whimper sounds are still heard, even as i push my own face down into the covers. Much louder, You order me to get up from the bed and look at the shameful wet circle on the sheet. Not wanting to look at it, but know i have to. i can't help but be embarrassed by the size and You have no problem taking advantage of this by asking. Did you do that? Did your naughty pussy make that wet spot on my bed? You stare down at me as You wait for the only answer acceptable. Yes Daddy, i did and i'm sorry. i didn't mean to be naughty.

Without a word, You take a seat on the bed and point to the floor next to You. With no more than a few steps, i'm standing next to You and You reach between my legs with your hand to only add to the embarrassment and provoke the fear of what we both know is coming next. Completely nude, i lean forward slowly over your knee into place as You instruct me to. my face only inches from the embarrassing wet spot on the bed. Your left hand is firmly holding me in place and your right hand resting on my bottom.

Let's see... Not asking to suck my cock, doing so without asking, enjoying it like a naughty girl and then leaving a wet spot on my bed. What do you think I should do for such naughty behavior little girl? i hate having to answer this question when You ask, because there is only one answer and the words have to be said. Ummmmm... You should spank me Daddy. Do you think it should be a long hard spanking so you learn a good lesson little girl? Soft whimpering sounds escape before i answer and confirm my fate. Yes Daddy.

Sometimes you’re not sure exactly how a spanking may unfold when You first decide to, but this time the answer is in my need to squirm, kick and cry out from being soundly spanked by her Daddy for being a naughty little girl.

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