Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our recent videos on "Spanking Tube "

Some pics from the two most recent ones.
Bully paddled at school & Bully spanking at home.


  1. Just to clarify, this video was consensual right? With the hardness of how he was doing it, it seems a bit far fetched this was consensual to me.

  2. Very much so Sarah. Yes it was a very hard paddling and hurt a great deal, but he knows me quite well because we talk a lot in depth regarding our interest in fun spankings, made up discipline spankings and even the main issue I first sought out a disciplinarian... for real discipline.
    When all was said and done, we both admitted that the paddling could have and probably should have been longer. He actually stopped because of my safety, never wanting to do an permanent damage or take risks of injury when the possibility is noticed. The stool I was bent over was actually for my safety, due to some physically issues i'm dealing with. Instead of bending over and holding my ankles. When I struggled to stay in position and not lunge forward, he stopped so not to take a chance that I might go too far forward into the wall.
    I am so glad you asked this, instead of judging and assuming the worse. I have seen many videos and pictures of bottom marks, that have made me wonder if consensual or even wonder what in the world did she do to get those severe marks. This has been 4 years in the making... him knowing what I want and can take in a fun or made up punishment spanking. Along with knowing what it takes to be an effective discipline spanking. May seem hard to tell due to my reactions, but I do have a high pain tolerance. Before he came along and even early on in our relationship, I showed very little if any reaction. He managed to bring down an emotional wall I have had for so long that was seriously dangerous for someone like me seeking real discipline. So those reactions are quite real and are very important for both of us. For him they are a way of seeing where I am emotionally and for me a real release and emotional connection to what the spanking is for.