Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts that came to mind when remarks of finding a spanking partner was being made on spanking site.

When I first met Daddy, he actually had more experience as a spanker when he was a child than as an adult, for years by spanking the neighbor girls "playing house". Then just a few girls as an adult. It wasn't his experience that wowed me or that built a trust in him long before I ever met him in person. It was his honesty of what he did and didn't know or have experience in doing. His mental understanding of what a spankee wants and/or needs, more than any sexual satisfaction for either partner.

Being trust is big part of finding a compatible spanking partner and for me big in any form of relationship. He did something no other controlling person in my life has ever done. He allowed me to see that he could easily take control of me, but instead of reaching out and grabbing me to force me to submit, he reached out with a hand. Holding it there for as long as needed until I wanted it, wanted his control. Any Dominant person can physically and mentally force someone to submit and obey, but not at all likely to be 100% mind, body and soul. Yet a truly good Dominant person will wait until that person is ready to submit. They want, need, desire to and are willing to do anything to submit to the Dominant's control. Giving 110% mind, body and soul to please them and/or behave so not to disappoint them.

I am very lucky to have found such a Dominant and that our broad span of interests, from simply spanking to more intense BDSM mirrors each other so well. Both just wish it could be 24/7.

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