Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easy every day toning workout for Buns and Thighs

These are easy and simple toning exercises for the buns and thighs, that are especially easy on beginners, older or those who suffer most back pain issues. Yet still great for those who are already working out or don't carry much extra weight.
Few of them can be done doing the dishes or some other work. As long as you make every effort to keep your body lined up straight as possible while doing them. When possible, try to do them without holding/supporting yourself on anything. If you need to, try to improve this by maybe only using fingertips for balance/stability as needed. Gradually improving to no support. Nothing wrong with using the support and it won't effect the muscles your working on. What it will improve is more of the core muscle strength. Either way you do them, if you tighten the ABS/stomach muscles while doing all of these exercises will improve the quality of the exercise and improve your core strength.

I prefer to do these four 10-15 times each set. Starting with at least 2 set on each leg. Then you can increase the sets as you improve and/or add ankle weights that wrap around your ankle. Other option is elastic exercise bands can be used, but I find them a little harder to keep good form. Some may not find it so difficult.
These four can also be done laying down on back, stomach and sides.

These four, should be done using a time counting method. If possible start with doing 10 of each, holding each 4-10 secs to start with. Relax/rest the muscle 4-10 secs between each one and repeat. As you improve, increase the holding times.

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