Thursday, March 17, 2011

fantasizing about it

Having been interested in spanking since a child and not understanding a lot of the whats and whys that are in me, I found myself fantasizing about it. Well fantasies are usually that extreme image of what you want or desire. Maybe even need. Many people find themselves disappointed in not achieving that fantasy. Wish I could say that I was the half full instead of half empty type of person, but I have always known fantasies are just that and if you are only willing to except that fantasy, then you are on a long road of disappointments.

Well someone came into my life in and has managed to blow out any imaginable fantasy I have ever had or any fantasy I could have even imagined possible. Never did I really believe possibly that I could find this person or truly believe that such a thing was real. I owe my heart and soul to this person, for finding the way in behind the castle wall and breathing air back into a smoldering spirit.

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