Monday, March 14, 2011

Road trip over the knee.

As I watch the crowd, the colorful crowd of such an event with so much wild history, I find myself so excited about being here and grateful that we were able to make the trip. Sturgis, first trip for both of us to the most famous motorcycle event in the world. “girl, I figured after a five hour ride here, you wouldn’t be so quick to give me a reason to spank your bottom.” You state with a heavy breath and stern voice in my ear. Quickly I turn to face You “No Sir, no I wouldn’t do that.” Your arms cross in a way I know all too well, when You are not pleased with something. Looking down at me and then towards the bike, then back at me again. You ask… “What did I tell you to do?” Not wanting to see that stern look glaring down on me. My eyes lower and I reply. “Watch… the bike Sir?” You reach to the back of my head and wrap Your large hand around my hair and give a slight tug down on it. Causing my chin to lift up and You demand I look at You. “What exactly did I tell You to do girl?” You scold. “To stay with the bike Sir, until You return.” “Did You do what I said?” You ask still holding my hair snug to control my attention. I answer with no argument knowing that it was not something to be left unresolved. “No Sir, I did not.”

Guiding my attention with a firm grip on my hair, towards the bike, You instruct me to walk small steps to the bike counting each one out loud and to stop next to it. You let go of Your grip and tell me to begin. Not sure what this means, I obey and begin walking and counting. When I stop at the bike, You walk around me and sit on it facing me. “What was the count again girl?” Just to be sure You heard right. “thirty one Sir” I answer with uncertainty to the importance of it. With no nonsense look and tone, You tell me that I will be spanked right here over Your knee 31 smack now and later tonight 31 with the belt. So excited to be there and grateful we could make the trip, I didn’t want to disappoint or disobey You in any way, but natural instinct took over. “Sir, not here, not right now, no, please Sir.” I pleaded with hope that You might agree. Your eyes turned quickly to a stern glare that made my bottom quite aware of its fate. Before I even considered speaking another word, You warned me and instructed me what to do, in a tone I knew better than to resist. “girl, unless you want all 62 swats right now with the belt, I suggest you pull down those jeans right now and get your naughty bottom over my knee. “

The crowd was thick with people very close by and maybe even close enough to hear what is being said. Feeling like everyone is watching, I did not want to continue as told to, but one thing I know is that You do not make a threat of punishment, that You will not carry through with. Quickly I unbutton my jeans and pull them down, not wanting to test Your warning. Not wanting to notice who might be looking, I quickly go over Your knee and close my eyes. Hoping if I can’t see anyone, they can’t see me. knowing this is not the case, I still try.

Finding the image of me placed bottom up over Your knee, with some onlookers already waiting to see what will happen and knowing others will soon be looking, Your cock grows with excitement. As wonderful as this is, You decide to enjoy such feelings later and deal without delay. Glancing quickly at the high cut white panties that barely cover much at all; You grab the waist of them and pull them down. Stating “there is no need for these right now. “ Hoping this might just make me think twice about doing as I’m told this weekend. A loud gasp escapes from my lips and I squeeze my eyes shut even tighter as the first hard swat lands on my exposed bottom. The sound echoes and the sting causes a yep to follow quickly. You don’t wait for any recovery of my reactions, but continue to deliver each smack of Your hand to land with intent to get my attention. Not even at the half way mark, my bottom is wiggles franticly from each stinging kiss of Your hand. Pleas and promises are made between the yelps I can’t control as You move the swats around finding fresh unmarked targets, even some to the thighs. My legs buck high from many of the stinging swats.

You do not stop my reactions to the spanking as You begin to take notice of the crowd’s enjoyment of the spectacle in front of them. Having lost count in my head a good while back and not showing concern of the crowd watching, my promises to be good become much louder and heard by many. “Please Sir, I’m sorry. I will be good, I promise, please Sir!” As the last hard swat lands on my bottom that feels quite hot and stings now. I mutter a few more times; I am sorry and will obey You. You leave me in position for just a moment as my breathing and heart beat begin to return to normal.

“ok girl, stand up now.” As You assist me to my feet, I try desperately not to notice the people looking. It was quite difficult to miss the grins decorating several peoples’ faces and the remarks being made about their enjoyment of what they just witnessed. You ignore the crowd as You pull me close to You and whisper in my ear. “I know this may have been a show for these people, but for You and I, this is who we are and after I finish this punishment tonight, I hope we do not have to repeat this again, any time soon.” I hold You tight as You rub my bottom, not caring that it is still exposed, because at this moment I only care how You see me. That I am Yours in every possible way, always and forever. “Thank You Sir and I love You” I say nothing more and You know that with those words, I am grateful to be cared for so well. “You’re welcome girl, now get straightened up and let’s get into our room and cleaned up from the ride.

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