Monday, June 4, 2012

My feelings regarding the issue in this great blog post. Do You Pull Them Down Or Do I? by Devlin O' Neill

We both have discussed this issue many times. The submitting, control, emotions and embarrassment. For me taking them down can be difficult, because it is that last protection between my bottom and the punishment/lesson i've earned that he intends on making sure i learn from. Yet i find it so much more embarrassing when he takes them down. Especially when done slowly. i'm a big girl and when he does it, i feel like a little girl that has no choice in the matter. When he by jerks my panties down, It makes me very nervous, because it is much more intense and obvious sign of his firm intent. Nothing is going to convince him otherwise. 

***Here is the great blog post by Devlin O' Neill regarding this issue.

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