Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Mask

The show must go on, so every day I adjust my mask.
Pretending to be happy, tough and secure.
Pretending to be what others wanted and expected me to be.
Hoping no one is able to see through my mask.

As with any mask, it can be very suffocating and difficult to take a deep breath while wearing it.
All of my life I have only been able to lift it far enough from my face to allow myself a little fresh air. Never fully removing it.
Worst of all never believing that I could feel safe enough doing so.

Then I met someone that also had a mask, just like mine.
Suffocating with every breath he took. Never feeling fresh air touching his whole face or able to take a deep breath.

When together we began to lift our masks and breathe.
Taking deep breaths and enjoying the fresh air.
In no time we had been able to remove our masks and set them aside while we are together.
Each time it becomes more and more difficult and painful to pick up the mask and put it back on, but we have to.

We both want badly to be able to remove our masks forever somewhere in our lives.
Yet life is not always fair and we must play the cards we have. So from time to time when I am with him, I know that I am not suffocating under my mask.
We both are free to be who we are under those masks.

Sir and his servant girl  /  Daddy and his little girl

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