Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting her work done with a very sore bottom.

It’s Saturday morning when the local fire chief is wide awake and sitting at the kitchen table for his daughter who is a fire fighter with the department, to come home from her shift at the fire house. With his Monday thru Friday schedule and her 24 hrs on shift and 48 hrs off. They don’t always have Saturday and Sunday off together, but this weekend they do and the Chief has plans for his daughter that she doesn’t know about yet nor will she be very happy about.

“Morning Daddy” as Rose comes in and sees him sipping his coffee and reading the paper. “Not so good morning for you young lady” he states as he sets his coffee down and leans back in his chair. Quickly Rose asks “What? What did I do?” recognizing the obvious tone in his voice, using the term young lady and worst of all the look in his eye that always seemed to eventually end with a spanking. “Sit down, we need to talk about something.” Rose tried to interrupt, but he pulled out a chair from the table and pointed to it and said “right now”. Rose carefully looked at him for clues as to what she had done as she slid into the chair.

He took another sip of his coffee to calm himself before he explained what was on his mind. “Young lady, I got an email last night from your Lieutenant. Explaining that you are extremely behind on your online lessons for continuing education. Over seeing this is not something that I need to concern myself with, because my officers take care of that, but last night I logged in and looked at the everyones progress. There was a few people behind with a lesson or two, but you… Young lady, you are behind several months and some months have 2 and 3 lessons.” Rose sat speechless as he continued to talk. Knowing she had no acceptable excuse and trying to would only make things worse. “So this is what you are going to do right now and without any discussion about it. You are going to go up to your room and get your school uniform on from high school.” Rose desperately wanted to ask why, but she felt a lump form in her throat when the memories of quite a few spankings she got from Daddy in her uniform. Before or after school. In a firm warning tone and look in his eye, “Do it quickly young lady and come to my office.”

Rose rushed up to her room and straight to her closet. Shoving clothes covered hangers from side to side looking for the uniform. It had been over 2 years since high school, but she knew it was in the closet somewhere. When she sees it, she yanks it from the bar and fumbles with the buttons and zipper, but finally gets dressed. Rose slips her white knee high covered sock feet into her old shoes and hurries down the steps to the office.

Rose finds him sitting behind his desk, but he doesn’t look up right away and she notices the old school desk and chair from the basement set up facing the wall near a corner.

“All right young lady”.  Startled, Rose looks at him. “Yes Daddy”.  “You have a great deal of work to do on these lessons and that is what you will be doing all weekend. Like when you were in school and sitting in detention doing your school work”.  The words in Rose’s mind just blurted out from her, disregarding her better judgment. “But Daddy, I have plans this weekend”. The look on his face is so stern that she couldn’t get the next words out fast enough. “Daddy, Daddy… I’m sorry, please I’m sorry”.

Rose watches him slide his chair back and stand. Nervously she leans back and forth on the balls of her feet and fidgets with her hands. He bends down and pulls open the bottom drawer of his huge wooden desk and when the large old school paddle with holes that was only used on her a handful of times growing up came into view. Rose’s hands instinctively reached back and covered her bottom. The feel of the material was quickly registered in her mind and translated to fear of how vulnerable her bottom would be in it.

Rose cried out, as her eyes began to water. “Please Daddy don’t, I’ll work real hard on the lessons and get them done. Please, please Daddy. I promise”. As he walked around the desk to where Rose is standing, he reminded her of what happened when she didn’t do her school work before and when she got detention. She wanted so badly to say that he never used that paddle to punish her for those things before, only very serious behavior. She knew that this meant it was serious and no begging or crying would do her any good, but this didn’t make it any easier to stop.

Using a calm voice he explained the facts of what was going to happen. “Young lady you are over six months behind on these lessons, which is a great deal of lessons. So I have decided to give your bottom at this point of dealing with this issue. Two whacks for each month, using six months for now”. Rose’s eyes stared back at him with a pleading look as the first tear fell down her cheek. “After you are paddled young lady. You will sit right there at that desk and work on your lessons. Like it was in school, if you misbehave during school. You will be punished again. Do I make myself clear?” In a soft voice she acknowledges his words. “Then tomorrow morning depending on how much you got done today, will depend on your paddling before sitting down to do your work again. This will continue each morning until you are caught up. This includes the days you have to go into work. That just might motivate you to do some of it at work on Monday if you aren’t done.” Rose’s eyes filled with tears and fear of her Daddy’s words give him confirmation of his daughter’s understanding of the issue.

“Alright young lady. I want you to turn around, bend over and hold your ankles.” She slowly turns away from him and the sounds of her crying are soft, but easily heard. The soft hopeless pleas are repeated over and over. Even as she tugs at her skirt hem, before she bends over as instructed and now in place with her hands on her ankles. “Twelve young lady” is all he announces to her before the first one lands hard across the bottom of her school uniform skirt. He watches his daughter’s body jump and hears the first of many cries she will call out before this is over. He waits to be sure she is secure in her position before he raises the paddle again and bringing it down just as hard as the first. He continues this four more times and knows that his point is being made, as her body trembles and her barely recognizable words plead as she continues to sob.

After the sixth swat, he reached down and takes hold of the hem of her uniform skirt. Lifting up from her already burning bottom cheeks and resting it securely on her back. Rose quickly cries out loudly. ”OH NO! NO! Pleasssse Daddy, no.” And reaches back. “Get that hand down right now young lady and stay in that positions.” Crying even louder now, she does as she is told. Not wanting to prolong this any longer than need be. He continues her punishment. The paddle lands across her already red bottom, making a much louder and more distinct sound than the six previous. Rose follows with even louder cries and this time jumps forward. He starts to scold his daughter on staying in position, but gives her a chance to correct herself. Her bottom is much darker red now without the protection of her uniform skirt and he take note of it, but knows that it has always been the case for him. That he doesn’t like having to discipline his little girl, but knows he has to do what is best for her and must follow through. The next two are even harder on Rose and it becomes more difficult for her to stay in the position she is expected to.

“These are the last three” he announces, yet he wants so badly to stop and just scoop her up and hold her on his lap and let her cry as he comforts her. He sets the paddle down and steps up behind her. Placing each thumb just inside the top band of her panties and pulls them down to her knees. His daughter screams out her dissatisfaction of it and with no warning to herself or him, begins to pee down her legs. This is not the first time this has happened and doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. If not worse now, because she is grown up. She finds it impossible to even speak of her situation and just cries now. Quite aware of her wetting herself, he finds no reason to delay the last of what he promised her. He does as he always has with her spankings since the very first, he finished it with attention given to her sit spot. The place where here bottom connects to the top of her thighs. This has always sent the message home in his mind and hers. Each one just a little harder than the last and in this case the same. After the first one, Rose jumped to her feet and grabbed her bottom. Dancing high on the tips of her toes. Now turned and looking at him with pleading eyes and tears flowing down her already stained cheeks. He sees her as he always has and always will no matter what, as his little girl. Calmly he tells her to be a good girl and turn around for the last two. His calm voice and the look in his eye really make her feel guilty for letting him down with this and even with her bottom so sore right now and on fire. She knows she deserves what she is getting right now and does as she is told. The next one land almost perfectly over the previous one and can’t keep from repeating the dance and grabbing her throbbing hot bottom. “Get back in position young lady.” She hears in a slightly firmer tone. She bends over but struggles to remove her hands from protecting her bottom. “Don’t make me add more because you won’t do as your told.” Slowly her hands slide down her legs from her bottom until they reach her ankles. Rose holds tight as the last painful swat shoots its message straight to her brain and back to her body. Bringing her even higher off the ground and franticly around the room holding her bottom.

He gives her this moment while he returns the paddle to his desk drawer and then comes back to her catching her arm in his grasp to slow her down. Pulling her close and giving her a loving hug as he softly tells her that he loves her. He allows her a moment to cry in his arms, but knows he needs to get her on task quickly. Releasing his hold he firmly tells her to leave her panties down for now and to go sit in that chair and get to work on her lessons. Even with her wet panties and socks. She makes a good choice to not argue about the clothes, but just do as she is told. He watches as his little girl gingerly settles onto the hard wooden desk chair he gave her to sit on at the desk.

After cleaning up the floor from her wetting her pants. He returns to his desk for some work he needs to accomplish in the next two days he has off. He looks over at his little girl and watches her shift her sore bottom as she works. Hoping that she accomplishes a lot today, knowing she won’t be able to finish it all today, but would like to make tomorrows spanking be a lot less than twelve.

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