Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking advantage of lack of consequences comes to an end.

Been taking a little too much advantage of the lack of serious consequences for some time now. Not always being completely open about things I should be doing and not doing them. Mostly procrastinating issues, but not just simple things with any real deadline or problem if not done. Issues are work related; doctor apt/meds refills and at times bills. Things that have real effect on my life that can become big problems.

This last week we have had a lot more opportunities to communicate. Well today he kind of pinned me down per say on a few things. Not completely sure, but if I know him as I believe I do. Guessing either way there will be a spanking regarding the things discussed. The question is if it will be with the implement he said he would use if I don't keep the promises I made him. Of course that would be the one he knows I will do anything possible not to get. So now I have to get serious about these things. All the fun things about spanking aside and try to prevent this from being a spanking he would rather not have to give me and one I know I do not want to get with that damn implement.

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