Sunday, August 19, 2012

blog post about age play by Alicia Panettiere.

Want to share this blog post about age play by Alicia Panettiere.

I also have in the past and even still at time struggle with how I feel during these moments. It is strongest when being punished for real issues, but being that we quite often use our real life past and present experiences in made up fun spankings. Along with our preference for reality. It is pretty obvious with those also.

I am quite lucky to have found someone who truly understands this and has helped me be less fearful of these feelings and embrace them more. For me a great deal of my embarrassment and struggle I still have with it is my "tough girl" that has been so much part of my life from my earliest memories of childhood personalities traits of dealing with every day life. Any of my little girl feelings, likes and habits were kept very well protected behind my castle wall. Three biggest examples of these hidden secrets as a little girl is loving to wear dresses and at times just playing dress up, but I was teased terribly when I wore dresses to school or just about anywhere. I loved playing with GIJoes and cars, but I loved even more, playing with dolls. My biggest secret was sucking my thumb, mostly at bed time. I actual sucked my thumb until I was 13yrs old. It was a ruptured appendix that ended with me in the hospital for nearly a month after surgery that had me so afraid of being discovered, that I placed my hands under my back when I was tired in hopes not to put my thumb in my mouth. It did work, but many years later as an adult. From time to time, my thumb found its way back in my mouth. Kind of freaked me out some and kept it a secret again for all these years. Finally told Daddy and he has been so wonderful about not giving me any reason to feel ashamed of it. Of course my own tough girl that still at times tries to come out with Daddy, finds it embarrassing at times when he is around to see it.

Will try to share more feelings and my new experiences on this later.


  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog post! :)

    1. You are so welcome. Very grateful you shared it.
      I'm learning more and more about this part of me. My last visit with him, we spent the day at a some what secluded park. We had a great talk regarding the need for me to have a Daddy over wanting a Daddy. How hard it is for me, especially early on in our relationship, to except or admit the reality of it. I was actually in tears knowing how right he was about me in his words.