Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christy_Cutie:: Shadow Lane 2013: Spanked for Twerking

Christy Cutie has a great blog where she shares her spanking experiences and many pictures. She tells about going to her first Shadow Lane party this year and I have to say I am quite jealous. The first site I truly felt comfortable going to and helped me with my first understanding what was a extremely confusing interest in spanking. Since the first time I have ever heard of these yearly parties, I have wanted to attend them. I also had "spanking idols" as she puts it and are the same as hers. Erica Scott and Keith Jones.
When I was first getting desirable spanking interest feelings instead of hating spankings, my images were of being spanked by a man. Thing is, until seeing Keith Jones in a video I got from Shadow Lane, my male spanker had no face/identity. Keith Jones quite often gave me a real person image of a spanker and things done and said with regards to spanking, instead of most of my personal negative spanking experiences growing up.
If you haven't been to her blog, enjoy this link and the rest of her blog.

Christy_Cutie:: Shadow Lane 2013: Spanked for Twerking:

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