Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RANT!!!! About Identity deception on sites by using pics of someone else.

    Technically no one has a right to use someone else's pics, but we all have done it. Yet most of us are just posting pics/images of something we like in regards to these pics. Thing is... Too often people (both males and females) are finding and using pics online as themselves. Usually pics from Teens/Girls/Sluts/Porn sites mostly. Quite surprised how many others, especially guys haven't figured these people out. I have really had to try hard to keep my mouth shut, otherwise it would be nearly a weekly thing. And now I find the one that has me most PO'd about. No clue right now if it a male or female using a girl's pics from a FaceBook account. Which include several pics of her with boyfriend and also her with other friends. Come on people... If you don't have enough respect for yourself... Have a little respect for both the people who's pics you are using and for the people you are deceiving by pretending the pics are of you. 

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