Thursday, May 24, 2012

9 1/2 weeks "Nosy Parker" scene

John: Don‘t talk. I have a question
I want to ask you.

Elizabeth: Okay.

John: All the while that I was with
my friend, I was just wondering…
… what you were doing in there.
I was wondering if maybe
you were going through my clothes…
… looking in my drawers…
… looking at the things in my closet.
And I said,
“No, she’s not that kind of girl.
She’s a good girl.”
Good girls don ‘t snoop, do they?

So come on, you can tell me.
Tell me if you’ve been a nosy parker.
I mean, come on.
Really, I want to know.
I’m your pal, right? So tell me.
You can trust me.
It’ll be our secret.
So tell me.
Tell me.
Elizabeth *whispers: Yes.

John: Yes.. What’s that?
- Yes, what?
Elizabeth: Yes, I’ve been a nosy parker.

John: Shame on you.I didn’t think you’d be here.
Why’d you do that?

Elizabeth: I’m sorry.

John:You’ve been a very bad girl.
I want you to face the wall and raise
your skirt, because I’m gonna spank you.

Elizabeth: You are kidding?

John: I’m not kidding.

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