Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything as it should be.

Stripped of the gown that was part of the celebration of their unity. She is told to stand and lean forward placing her hands on the wall. She obeys him and pushes her bottom out in an inviting manner. His heart beats faster and cock stiffens as he views the invitation. Yet before he finalizes today's event, by taking her now as his wife. He will confirm her promise to obey.

Standing behind her, he runs his hand across her smooth skin and speaks of her promise to love, honor and obey. Her body trembles slightly of fear and excitement, because from the beginning of their relationship they both knew what they wanted and would have forever if this day ever came. She has submitted to him in mind, body and soul. 

He reaches for the night stand drawer and removes a leather strap he had made of the finest leather. Specially for this night, but not exclusively. He does not ask, but tells her to stay in that position with her hands on the wall, until he tells her she can move. She simply replies in agreement with "Yes Sir". His Dominance is wanted, needed and desired as much for her as her submission is for him.

The tone of this moment is well understood and excepted by both. A loud gasp escapes her lips when the first of many hard strokes of the strap land across the fullest part of her bottom and sit spot. Tears quickly flow freely, but not from sadness or the stinging pain and burn felt by the strap. They are tears of happiness that her life long dream of living the rest of her life with a man who knows and understands her best has been fulfilled.

Knowing her well and even confirmed after past punishments she has earned. She is never aware of her bodies desire for his Dominance, even with the harshest punishment. The sounds of a slight whimper and soft moan are heard when they both discover the extreme wetness felt as he runs his fingers across her swollen lips. He grins with great pleasure and states "you really are a naughty little girl". Then leads her over to the bed to reward her submission with physical pleasure.

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