Wednesday, May 30, 2012

reckless speeding over 100

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  1. Cameras set up for a made up situation for me to be punished, but earlier I had confessed to being stopped once again by the police. Going over the speed limit isn't his issue. Issue is reckless driving, no matter if it is speeding, alcohol, texting or what ever.

    Having a long history of reckless driving and the speed this time. He had original decided to wait until later and still have fun with our plans, but while I waited inside the barn for him to come in. He was outside deciding not to delay an issue more important than having fun.

    Not ever knowing exactly what he has planned when we do these. This is to make these "made up" times as realistic as possible mentally and emotionally. He starts talking and asking questions as i expect, but when I hear him say "No, we are going to talk about driving" My stomach began to knot up, heart beat faster and mostly the already nervous feeling I always get even when made up, just sky rocket to the top of possibly being nervous.

    **Video is cropped and edited to protect location and identities.