Monday, May 21, 2012

A Spanking Poem

To love is to spank 
To spank is to love 
We're two of a kind 
We fit like a glove 

I know you've been bad 
I see what you need 
The spanking will come 
Our love we will feed 

You're my little girl 
Like the girl with the curl 
Who's sometimes good as gold 
But don't tell me you're too old 

To be taken in hand 
By someone who cares 
Who won't take your lip 
Nor cold hearted stares 

"Cause you've misbehaved 
I've told you before 
If you don't toe the mark 
Your behind will be sore 

I know it's my way 
That makes you obey 
I never back down 
I must spank you, today 

So over my lap 
You are taken again 
When I start to use the brush 
I'll hear you crying then 

But stop I cannot 
Until the lessons been learned 
Through heat to the seat 
And a bottom that's burned 

She kicks and she cries 
And begs and she pleads 
But spank her I must 
For such naughty deeds 

Her skirt is pulled up 
And her panties are down 
And hairbrush of wood 
Of Ebony brown 
She cries that it hurts 
She swears to be good 
But I will not stop 
Until the time that I should 

From flesh that was white 
To a color of pink 
To a red that resembles 
A cherry soft drink 
Her bottom so hot 
And her tears oh so real 
I'm sure this sound spanking 
To her will reveal 
That I love to spank her 
But above, most of all 
Is the love that I feel for her 
That makes me walk tall 
For I know I am doing 
This for her own good 
And I'll do it tomorrow 
If I know I should 
So, stay on the straight and narrow 
And take this to the bank 
Should you stray from the path girl 
Your bare fanny I will spank 

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  1. Found this Poem via "innocent angel" and wanted to share it.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.