Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ability to see into the future.

What a wonderful ability that would be. To see foresee mistakes that would hurt others or myself. The opportunity to correct the issue before it even is one. Saving my bottom long before it is in deep trouble.

Yet the down side could be much worse than a sore bottom for a mistake that disappoints a Dominate. With every chance of knowing about the really good outcomes in the future. There is knowledge of the bad.

Still having hope with something that you don't know the outcome keeps you alive in a positive way. Knowledge of a situation failing or not turning out the way you hoped it would likely effect even doing somethings. Which would mean missing out on life experiences you might not have ever known otherwise.

Failed relationships is something most of us wish we knew long before any real time is put into then or would like to skip all together. Sometimes even great things come out of the worse situations. Children being at the top of my list.

Basically the statement " Be careful what you wish for " isn't  just for spankings.  ;)

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