Saturday, March 17, 2012

A tradition that disgusts some and would be hell for them, but for some of us a welcoming, beginning to a wonderful and exciting future with someone.

Found this story posted on a vanilla forum. I very much love it and would have easily excepted this situation myself. If my family dynamics was like this. As many can imagine, the posted responses pretty unanimous about being disgusted with the possibility of it happening.

 Spanking the bride wedding tradition.
First of all my family, including myself, is REALLY old fashioned. We believe that the husband is the head of the household and a wife should submit and obey. 

ANYWAY. I'm about to get married and our family has this tradition, after I get my gown on before the ceremony my mom and dad will come in. My dad will have a hairbrush then I'll lay across his lap, he'll pull my dress up and spank me with the brush as a last sign of authority over me and my last spanking from him. And it's not a light spanking either, mom says it'll hurt. 

THEN after the ceremony but before the reception mom and dad will take me and my husband into a room then it's my husband's turn to take me over his lap, pull up my dress and spank me with with the same hairbrush as a sign that he is in charge of me now and as my husband it is now his job and duty to discipline me when needed. After my spanking, if my dad thinks my new husband has sufficiently spanked me and did a good job, my husband is officially given the brush which has been passed down and was used on my mom by dad on their wedding day, so my husband can use it on me in the future when I need it. 

I'm kind of nervous but I'll get through. Mom said I'll probably just have a sore bottom on our honeymoon. I just hope I don't get out of line and do anytning to get a spanking for a while after that, cause my fiance spanks hard, and that haribrush really hurts. I'll have to Love, Honor, and definatley Obey.  

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