Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Much needed attention and reward

The sound of your car pulling into the drive way has me excited to see You, that i ignore the discomfort of my knees from following your orders to crawl all day as i nearly gallop across the hard floor to greet You. 

Setting your briefcase down, as kneel close to give me a kiss and ask if i have been a good girl today. With some confidence i nod yes, in hopes that You will agree. 

You instruct me to turn around so that You may inspect the tail You placed in me is still as it should be. i turn quickly and position myself as You trained me for inspection. My knees spread shoulder length apart, toes pointed lying flat on the ground, palms and elbows flat on the ground with my head lowered and most important my bottom raised as high as possible with no concern of modesty. 

You grin with content to my eager desire to please You. As i remain as still as possible, your eye take note of my tail being in its place while your hand runs slowly down each cheek, becoming ever so slightly close to the swollen wet lips between my thighs. 

You can hear my breathing change and feel my skin twitch slightly. Knowing that i fail to control my excitement, especially when it comes to your power over me. You decide to toy with me for a bit before your usual routine after work. 

Making slow steps You move around me and ask me if i have been dripping on your floor today? The obvious sound of your hands unbuckling your belt, startles my hesitation and i respond with a soft moan before i stammer my words. No... Sir, i... i don't... believe so. In my position, i am only able to hear the tone in your voice, with no knowledge of the devious look of pleasure upon your face as the sound of your belt being removed from your trousers is still recognizable as the words spoken of the consequences for such naughty lust. My bottom cheeks tingle and twitch involuntarily. The throbbing of my swollen lips is hard to ignore and the urge to shift my hips and thighs becomes more difficult to resist.

Muffled moans escape as You place the folded end of your belt against the wetness between my thighs. The leather sticks easily to it and hesitates to release its grip as You pull it away. Only by touch, like with the belt am i able to be aware of the betrayal of my body. You don't even need to bring the belt close to see the large glistening mark of darkened leather on your belt. The sound of your long deep sigh makes me nervous and tremble.  

You order me to raise my elbows off the floor, leaving my hands in place. Then without moving my hands, position myself on my toes with my legs straight and bottom high in the air. With awkward moves, i manage to get in the position and focus on balancing myself to hold still. Praising me on achieving the position properly as You remark that You hope i do as well taking my punishment. Hoping that i do also is clearly spoken in my head, but Yes Sir is the only words spoken.

You lift the soft fur of my tail so that it rests on my back now. The discomfort of my position places me in a comfortable position for You to view the lust of my lips and easily apply even marks across my cheeks with your belt. Whimpering sounds are heard as You rest the belt against my cheeks. The feel of the belt moving back and forth across my skin is just one part of the sadistic pleasure You plan to enjoy. 

"you are a dirty servant girl and I think you enjoy the feel of the strap stinging and welting your bottom." You scold, then ask. "Tell me girl... Are you a dirty servant girl?"  Knowing the proper response, i quickly reply. "Yes Sir, i am a dirty servant girl." At this point, You begin to tap the belt on my bottom. "Hmmm and you enjoy being strapped... don't you girl?" Embarrassed by the truth i moan, but know i can't answer with anything other than the truth. "Yes Sir... i enjoy being strapped." Simply spoken words, "Ask girl" commands a response. "i am a dirty servant girl, Sir. Will You please strap me." Grinning with pleasure, You tap harder. "Yes girl... I will strap you, only because you asked so nicely."

Instructed to stay in position and thank You after each one. "Yes Sir" i acknowledge. With no doubt in your mind, my need for this. You raise the strap high and bring it down hard across both cheeks. Loud gasp and yelp exploded from inside me, before i am able to reply... "Th..ank You Sirrr." Noting the mark quickly changes from pink to bright red as my cheeks tighten and relax. Again You raise and lower the strap with the same force. The squeals of pain are ignored as You wait for me to thank You. Then You repeat again and again. Giving me time to balance and respond. You take note of the increasing glistening and swelling of my lips. 

Placing the belt again against the wetness, i whimper and You advice me that this won't do.
Ordering me to keep my legs straight, stay up on my toes and in position for the last 10 and advising me, that i don't need to thank You, because i probably won't be able to. "Yes Sir" barely finished when You bring down the first stroke, following quickly with the rest. Landing with precision across my already stinging and burning cheeks.

Pleased with how well i did, as You return your belt to its place and tell me to stand up. When i do so, the furry tail falls to the stinging skin and teasingly brushes back and forth as i move to get my hair out of my face. When i finally am able to look at You, i see the devious grin of your pleasure from tickling discomfort of my tail fur. 

You pull me close and hug me. One of your hands slides down to my bottom to inspect your work. Softly i moan from your touch and whisper "Thank You Sir". "you're welcome my girl and you may get me a Jack and bring a nice pillow with you into my study". With a coy look and a smile from ear to ear, i proudly respond... "Yes Sir". You are pleased and i will be rewarded.  

Seated comfortably when i come to the door, You nod for me to come in. After handing You your drink i wait for your nod to enjoy my reward. To this day, You still take delight in my eager desire to have You in my mouth. You nod and i nearly stumble to place the pillow on the ground in front of You and get to my knees. Your large stiff cock pressing tight against the clothes slowing me down just a little. One more quick glance in your eyes and a smile before i bury my face in my earned reward.

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