Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Experience

For days Sir pampered me. Making sure I was eating well, hydrated and well rested. He didn't keep it a secret as to why he wanting me to be healthy and strong. This weekend would be a new experience, with another lesson in who we are both physically and mentally. Past experiences have been extremely intense and most of all quite painful, even for me. Moments when my blood curdling screams even shocked me. Thinking there is no way I can possibly take any more. Causing me to beg and plead for mercy, as if my life depended on it. Yet beneath it all, hoping he will ignore my pleas and have the strength to push again past what we both may think is our limit. Knowing when it is over, the feeling of euphoria and increasing desire to submit even more to him. Pride in knowing that I belong to him and what that means.

My nervous anticipation is obvious to him and even though we both know how the mental aspects of who we are play a strong part in most everything we do. This is even so in our everyday lives. He does thing to help me relax some. He makes sure that my nervous feelings are simply a natural fear of the unknown and not stressful.

The night before, after we have eaten and all my chores are done. I go to him, where he is seated in his favorite chair, sipping Jack and watching TV. I smile when I see the large cushion he has placed for me. His eyes do not break from the show he is watching when I enter the room and position myself on his gift of comfort at his feet. My arms wrap around his muscular leg as if it was a security blanket and I bring my head to rest on his thigh. I find myself once again trying to imagine what he has in store for me, when I feel him gently stroke my head. He continuing to do so until the show ends, then shutting the TV on with the remote before leaning closer to me. In a gentle voice he explains that he needs to get up and that I should stay here.

I watch as he leaves the room and easily hear the recognizable sound of his feet on each step as he walks up the stairs. Know this sound too well, when I have been sent up stairs to wait for him. My mind drifts for just a moment when I hear the sound of running water. Curious as to what he is doing, but can’t help but to find myself again running possible scenarios of tomorrow’s event through my mind.

Deep in thought, I don’t even notice him return until the tone of his voice startles me and I look up to find him towering over me with his arms crossed and a stern look, like he is waiting to know if I am back with him now. Quickly I apologize and he knowing me oh too well. Extends his hand for me to take and states that I need not worry myself about what will happen tomorrow, because I will know soon enough.

Still holding my hand, he smiles and leads the way to the warm bath he prepared. Hint of musk filled the small room, while the soft lighting had quite a calming effect. He began carefully removing my all my clothes and then assisted me as I stepped into the bath. Communicating in silence was not new to either of us and it seemed like words at that moment were unnecessary.

Kneeling next to the bath tub and a wash cloth lathered in soap, he began to carefully wash me, until I was clean from head to toe. When he was done, I stood there as he poured fresh water over me to rinse off any soap left behind. All I can think of is how well Sir takes care of his property and how grateful I am for that.
I watch him unfold and open wide an oversized bath towel and inviting me out of the bath and into it. Easily covering me from head to nearly the floor, wrapped like a cocoon. Tightly packaged, he takes care in guiding me to the bedroom and sits down in the reading chair, pulling me to sit in his lap. My head nestled in his chest and my body cradled in his arms as he gently rocks me.

Not at all sure how long, before a simple pat on my thigh to signal me to stand up. Sir pulls the covers back on the bed so that I can slip easily from the bath towel to bed. As he tucks me in and kisses my cheek, the first words are spoken in over an hour. Good night and sweet dreams my girl. Completely relaxed now, my body takes over and can’t resist from shutting down for the night.
Sir watches me for a moment in my calm state of rest, and then steps out to finish a few things needed for tomorrow. Returning quietly to get the rest he needs to take care of me as planned.

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