Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thoughts and Feelings

Can’t help but to feel that I have failed You, with my own wants and desires to be with You. My pain “is what it is”, but yours hurts even more, especially when I am cause for it. You have given me more than I have ever known or thought possible. Asking nothing in return.

I have been forced to submit in many ways throughout my life using physical and mental means. Not alone threats. But not You… You forced my submission with the strongest and most powerful Dominance possible. You cared, taught and protected me. Gave me a safe lap and arms to rely on. You understand me without judgment and know what is best for me. My needs are important to You. My wants are not meaningless and ignored because You own me. I am the lucky one, to be able to serve and please You. So proud and honored to be yours alone.   Even when your life only allows it with limitations. Difficult as it is, I care so much for You that, I can’t deny who and what You are to me. 
Wish these were my own words, but I couldn’t say them any more perfect.

I love Him as my Daddy
I have a respectful fear for Him as my Lord
I crave Him passionately as my Lover
I thirst for Him as my Teacher
I adore Him as my Mentor
I need Him as my Protector
I call Him, my Master

Other borrowed words, but this has been how You have treated me since the very beginning.

Treat her like a Lady until you have to spank her like a little girl.

I Love You Daddy… Always & Forever
Your little girl

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